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In case you missed this post last fall... a friend and I opened a booth at Interiors Market in the Fondren area of Jackson. Since then we have opened a second location in The Atrium in Meridian. We've had a great time researching and thinking about what we can have in our booths that you would like.... and know that we are always open to suggestions!

You can keep up with us on both Instagram and Facebook. We tried to frequently post what we've been up to and what is new to the booth.

If you live in Jackson or Meridian we would love for you to stop by. And we are happy to ship if you see something in a photo that you must have... just email us!

spring fashion round-up


While I am obviously no fashionista/fashion blogger/ etc… I thought I would share with you a few staples that I have fallen in love with this spring. Perfect everyday items for running errands and chasing little ones in the yard!

spring finds


bowl :: cake plate :: cover-up :: wedges :: wine glasses :: painting :: beach towel :: shorts :: bag

my house :: the foyer


This room is kind of like the playroom… it took me awhile to get it to a point where it felt right. For awhile it was so blah and brown. Here are the different phases it's been through since May 2011.

Before we started the renovation:

During Renovation (closed up the cased opening to the dining on the left--- that room became part of the kitchen):

Right after we finished the renovation:

 And now:


I will admit that my two favorite additions are the Stray Dog Artichoke Lamp (I will admit that I bought two of these for our booth in Jackson but one of them landed here):

And two watercolor paintings by Erin McIntosh from Gregg Irby Gallery:

my house :: the playroom


I promised some of you on Instagram an update on the blog about my playroom.  This room has no windows so it was hard to photograph…though I doubt my photos would have been any better with natural light since I have no idea what I'm doing with a camera.

This is when we bought the house… the louvered doors below left are where our tv is mounted today:

Looking from the kitchen (our sofa is currently where the bookshelf is below):

During the reno:

Looking at the current TV Wall:

Current TV Wall:

After the renovation…..

This room is finally feeling right to me. It went through a slow transformation and we are finally to a stopping point! We spend a lot of time in this room so I wanted it to functional for daily use yet fun for the boys.


To answer a few questions:
1- Artwork is from one of my boys' favorite books that I scanned in, printed, and framed in Ribba frames. I really hope that I don't get in trouble for doing that. I just did it for my personal playroom…. I did not reproduce and sell anything! 

2- Beanbag covers are custom out of this fabric. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing any.

3- Club chair is from thrift store and upholstered in this fabric.

4- Artwork wall is simple picture hanging hardware with wire in between.

5- Walls, trim, ceiling :: White Dove by Benjamin Moore

6- Floor :: It's a porcelain tile… will try to find out details.

7- Pillows are by Lacefield Designs but that style is no longer available.

8- I changed out the shades on the wall lamps linked above.

clothes for my boys


I get a lot of questions about where I find the clothes that I dress my boys
in. I will admit that I'm a bargain shopper and spend time trying to find cute 
things at affordable prices. Any time that I see something cute and plain
(solid or stripes) at Walmart or Target, etc… I will snag it up. It's hard to find
things for little boys without a logo or some kind of wording on it. Some
people don't mind that… I'm just not a fan.

C is getting a little older and is having more of an opinion about what he
wears. I've found some things that we both like at Carters, Crewcuts, and
Mini Boden. G is in between and is growing out of the jon jons and more
into shorts and t-shirts. E is still my baby and wearing bubbles (much to his
daddy's dismay). I will say that I buy a lot of their smocked things second
hand and off of Zulily. I can't see paying a ton of money on clothes that
could easily get ruined.  The older two also wear a lot of Honeybee Tees
which aren't shown below because the site wouldn't let me clip it to Polyvore.

Some of my favorite smocked brands that you can find on Zulily, ebay, resale
groups on Facebook, etc. are Shrimp and Grits, Castles and Crowns, Claire
Charlie, Anavini, Vive la Fete, Orient Expressed, and Kelly's Kids… just to
name a few! I hope this helps. Happy Shopping.

for my boys

book reviews


Who doesn't love a good book? I am often asked to write reviews on design books that are new to the market. I am always careful about which ones I select and I do not agree to write about just any new book. I've learned from my collection of design books to appreciate so many different types of design. There is always something you can learn from or appreciate in every photo in every book. 

First up is The English Country House written by James Peill, photographed by James Fennell, and the forward was written by Jullian Fellowes (the creator of Downton Abbey- my favorite show). This book focuses on ten beautiful British country houses all of which showcase amazing architecture, gardens, and interior details. Although all of the images in this book are beautiful in their own way, I had to choose a few of my favorites to share with you:

Published by The Vendome Press :: Photography  by James Fennell

Next up on my list is Howard Slatkin's book Fifth Avenue Style with photography by Tria Giovan Mr. Slatkin takes us through a fabulous renovation of his apartment on Fifth Avenue. While my first thought was that this book was too 'fancy' for me, I quickly realized that I could appreciate the details that were found on each page. 

One of my very favorite things was this detailed illustration of the apartment floor plan.

Published by The Vendome Press:: Photography  by Tria Giovan

Beyond Chic was one of those books that I dove into the moment that I received it. It's in this book that you can view the remarkable homes of iconic people in fashion such as Chanel's apartment and Giorgia Armani's chalet!  Photographer Ivan Terestchenko does a wonderful job of  showcasing the homes of these legendary designers.

You could probably guess that I love the simplicity of this space!

And last but surely not least is Brian J. McCarthy's new book Luminous Interiors. This book is full of beautiful design projects that will take you through Brian's creative process which make his plans become reality. I learned that Brian is very passionate about collecting art and furniture, and for one project in the book, took his clients on a grand tour throughout western Europe—a total of 35 trips in 5 years—to scout for the perfect pieces. 

Photographer: Fritz von der Schulenburg

The bronze crocodile consoles below sure make a statement (and I'm sure are a great conversation piece)!
Photographer: Max Kim-Bee 

 While I love a subtle bedroom, I was immediately drawn to this beautiful antique suzani on the bed.
Photographer: Francesco Lagnese

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